BB-8 Star Wars Robot Ball

Are you Star Wars fanatic who can't get enough of the new collectibles?

Do you have a passion for exhilarating and fun RC toys? 

If you do, then this here is exactly what you've been waiting for...

Specifically designed to be incredibly realistic while still providing you with that vintage RC feel, this thing is bound to make your head spin.

BB-8 is the star of the phenomenally successful latest episode in the Star Wars saga - and now he's yours to take home and control as an R/C Inflatable! Standing 43cm tall and with awesome droid sounds, R/C Inflatable BB-8 is irresistible! 

With just the push of a button, this little guy can roll at lightning-fast speed, all while making those classic StarWars beeps and bops in the process.

In case you're wondering, the BB-8 Droid does not have some tiny wheels hidden on the bottom.

Nope. The BB-8 Droid rolls on its own body just like the real BB-8 did in the movies!

This extraordinary ability is truly a sight to see.

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Thanks to the mind-blowing & innovative technology hidden in the interior, the head of the BB-8 Droid glides smoothly as the spherical body rolls underneath it.

There are no wires, no cords, and no gimmicks.

Pull this bad-boy out and start rolling around and you'll instantly have pedestrians in a daze as they try to figure out how something like this could be possible!

And since it's made out of the always durable ABS plastic, you are guaranteed outstanding longevity and a device that will last a lifetime.

When you happen to run out of juice, the fast-charging system will have you back out there in no time at all.

And to top it all off, the wireless remote control is contoured to sit comfortably in your hands and it's also really simple to operate.

The few buttons give you complete control over this marvelous item.

If you're looking the very best of the best, this is not something that you want to miss out on.


  • Masterful craftsmanship and extraordinary design/attention to detail makes this one of the most eye-catching RC toys on the market today.

  • Premium quality materials and an incredible technologically advanced system guarantees you an amazing device that was built to last generations.

  • With a wireless range of up to nearly 100-feet, you have more than enough room to roll this guy around the entire city and have loads of fun!

  • If you love memorabilia, the fact that this can make all of the original BB-8 sounds makes this perfect for someone like you!
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Note: Due to high demand of this one of a kind item, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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